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Dental plaque in Westbury

LGM Dental Services is a Westbury dentist office that has been serving the area for many years with the best in periodontal gum treatments, dentistry and annual cleanings for plaque buildup. If you are looking to make an appointment, give us a call. We can help treat and manage your gum disease caused by plaque buildup and help alleviate symptoms.

To ward off plaque, patients should keep up on proper oral health care habits such as brushing and flossing. Gum disease can be treated and possibly even reversed if the condition is mild. Some forms of gum disease are hereditary and can reach severe stages that should be treated with periodontal root scalings or other procedures. There are a lot of different problems can arise from unhealthy teeth and plaque buildup, such as tooth decay and oral disease or periodontitis. A yearly cleaning at our Westbury dentist office for every patient can help remove plaque buildup and the bacteria that causes gum disease and gingivitis.

A dental cleaning gets deep into the pockets between teeth and gums, where regular brushing and flossing alone cannot. Bacteria hides inside the pockets, causing plaque and tartar to form on the teeth and eventually contributing to tooth decay. Our Westbury dentist office can teach you how to ward off plaque and tooth decay and to keep your teeth and gums both healthy and in good condition for a lifetime. . Gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease can harm the gums but with proper treatments, it can be alleviated. The pain, swelling and redness of gum disease is alleviated somewhat after certain dental treatments. Chronic inflammation of the gums has been shown to be connected to overall health and can be linked to conditions like heart disease or diabetes. Patients who have suffered periodontal disease resulting in bone loss that creates deep gum pockets should have a periodontal cleaning.

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