Cosmetic Dentist in Westbury

Cosmetic Dentist in Westbury

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Veneers in Westbury

It’s pretty amazing that slender porcelain shells can be placed over the fronts of those teeth that are aesthetically imperfect and that’s all it takes to significantly improve your smile. At LGM Dental Services, it is our pleasure to make this treatment method available to promote better-looking teeth.

There are various reasons why you end up with teeth whose appearance you are not satisfied with, but what matters most is not how they got that way, but what you can do about the situation. If you were to set about having each tooth physically corrected individually, it would be an enormous undertaking, requiring substantial time and monetary investments. The good news is that veneers from our cosmetic dentist in Westbury cover up the problems so that you don’t have to get the teeth worked on. So long as those teeth are otherwise healthy and functional, the goal is simply to enhance how they look. Our cosmetic dentist in Westbury takes impressions of your teeth, which the dental lab then uses as a guide to making your veneers so that they fit perfectly. You may need some adjustments when they are fitted, and that is normal. The final bonding of them to your teeth only takes place after you have ascertained that you are happy with the way they feel and look. A thin layer of tooth material is filed from a tooth so that the veneer will fit without protruding. This creates a natural appearance. You can expect a lifespan for your veneers of 10 to 15 years or even longer.

Take care of any number of issues from chips to discoloration; from crooked teeth to misshapen ones; even wide gaps disappear with veneers. Schedule an appointment to see our cosmetic dentist in Westbury to get started with a consultation and examination.

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