11590 dental implants

11590 Dental Implants

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Tired of hiding your smile so no one sees the gaps in it left by missing teeth? If you have missing teeth or teeth that are about to be extracted our LGM Dental Services practice can fill those voids in your smile. On Long Island 11590 dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth since they are secure, permanent teeth that fit your smile perfectly. Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth in a row or spaced throughout your mouth or to anchor a complete jaw full of replacement teeth.

Before placing 11590 dental implants our doctor will conduct a complete examination of your mouth including digital radiograph imaging to detect the problem and whether there is sufficient bone structure for the implant. The doctor will discuss all his findings and treatment options with the patient in detail so that an informed decision can be made about treatment. If an implant is selected our doctor will make an opening in the gum where the missing tooth was to expose the jawbone. If there is not enough bone to hold an implant a bone graft may be placed there, which will need additional time to heal before the implant is set. A titanium anchor usually with an abutment on top of it will be surgically implanted into the bone. Over time the bone and the implant will fuse together forming a strong, stable root for the new tooth. Once the area has healed a crown will be placed on top of the implant structure forming the replacement tooth.

Replacement teeth formed from 11590 dental implants look feel and function just as the original tooth they replaced. One benefit is that the replacement tooth will not get a cavity and never need a root canal treatment. Dental implants can also be used to anchor a bridge or dentures. Our doctor will implant two or more anchors to hold a fixed bridge to span a gap of two or more missing teeth. This is preferable than the traditional way of suspending the bridge between teeth on either side because in that method the adjacent teeth holding the bridge have to be altered to place crowns on them to hold the bridge. Several implants can be placed around the upper or lower jaw to hold complete or partial dentures. Using implants to anchor dentures holds them much more securely than using dental adhesive and placing them over the gums. Come into our office and let our doctor evaluate which type of tooth replacement is best for you.

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